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Karen CApaldi

Chief DreamMaker | Founder

Karen Capaldi has been a Ski Instructor, US Forest Service employee, Professional Singer/Songwriter, Recruiter, Digital Production Artist and Store Manager at Starbucks.

In 2010 Karen explored management strategies at Starbucks to retain the overqualified employees acquired during the recession. The result was a program that heightened engagement with entry level individuals and used Digital Storytelling to start the conversation of “why are you here?” It enabled employees to show up for themselves and increased her bottom line.

Folding in her sabbatical {coffee break} into her storytelling management program she created 56 videos with global Starbucks employees and utilized them in her on-boarding and training strategies across Starbucks districts. This technique galvanized a business/management tool to elevate the value of everyone it touches.

Karen makes her home in Colorado with her partner in crime Chuy (a boxer/bulldog mix).


Julie Steinbeiss

Internal Brand Specialist

Julie Steinbeiss has a passion for, and a proven track record in, ideation and execution of cause marketing campaigns, high-level collaborations , and experiential programming in service of purpose driven brands. While driving brand equity, garnering exposure, creating a loyal following, and driving revenue, Julie has found success maintaining a clear adherence to the integrity of a brand’s foundation.

One of the early employees at TOMS, Julie brought her unique passion to the TOMS Giving Trip Program, Brand Experience Program, and Intern Program, as well as One Day Without Shoes, a grassroots campaign that mobilized millions of TOMS supporters in awareness raising and community service. With a keen eye for marketing and partnership, Julie developed and implemented product, cause, and campaign collaborations with TOMS and Charity Water, MOvember, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, Tabitha Simmons and The ROW bringing the products and collaborations to life while providing partners a deep understanding of TOMS Giving and the global development world.

Prior to TOMS Julie partnered with leaders in San Diego to create experience and campaigns to raise awareness and funding for The San Diego Zoological Society, The San Diego Opera, The Old Globe Theater, and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.


Jason Melino

Camera | Video | Sound | Editor

Jason lives, breathes and sleeps film and motion.  A deep history rich in Production, Editing and Writing has brought him to a place in his life where these talents meld together into a Jason-of-all-trades.  From photography, video, sound, editing, production —there is nothing he can’t flip the lens on to offer a fresh perspective.  Jason finds passion in the ordinary and can pull the viewer into a new realm that is unique and moving. 

Jason has a background in national brand commercials, high budget films, and sporting events.  His desire is to incorporate and utilize diverse methods of communication.  His connection to The DreamMaker Project is from it’s inception, as he was the mentor for Karen with her equipment as she began her travels.  He has been a support and sounding board from the beginning. 

He makes is home in Colorado with his girlfriend/best friend, and their two pups Bunker and Brix. 

Jason is passionate about music, art and good people.  


Nicole Mahoney

Camera | Video | Sound | Editor

Nicole is a post production media specialist, videographer, photographer, location manager, and all around creative. Once upon a time she was an enginerd, but following her passion for story and art, she uprooted her life and dove head first into Video and Film production. 

Nicole has been fortunate to experience success in a multitude of genres, including Hollywood blockbusters, advertising, unscripted broadcast, and corporate marketing. 

A die-hard outdoors fanatic and mountain biker, she calls the Front Range of Colorado home. If she isn’t hard at work crafting a story she can be usually found in and around the mountains or any form of nature riding her bike faster than safety should allow, rock climbing, or snow boarding.