It’s time to innovate the Human Spirit.



To inspire & encourage employees to connect with their own personal goals/dreams breeding personal success while adding value to the brand, creating meaningful cultural engagement, higher retention and an organic recruitment tool through digital storytelling.  



It is our philosophy that when people engage with their personal goals within the company they work for, a synergy of personal and business success is the outcome.  

The idea of a paradigm shift that breeds success and loyalty to the brand. 

|digital storytelling is the vehicle that creates relatedness within your work culture resulting in trust and respect.  

This is where the magic happens and the environment of possibility becomes potential, and potential — becomes real.  

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Showing up for themselves through their benefits, opportunities, or culture becomes infectious. Stories shared become the generator of your company’s culture and help it grow. 

|Making it personal does make it profitable.  

With 15+ years of management and leadership we offer a unique tool to aid you in the cultural overhaul of your company. 

Proven results of success within areas of engagement, retention, career development and recruitment save your company lost revenue and offer you the opportunity to reinvest in what is next.  

|Our team is built from the ground up. 

Unique talent and ability to work collectively on your success.  

We are creative, strategic, busy savvy people with passion, grit and the tenacity to grow your culture and your business in that is meaningful and proven to work.  


“Making it personal makes it profitable.”

Karen Capaldi | Chief dreammaker



This project was born out of a dream. 

Karen Capaldi was in management (Starbucks) for 10 years when she choose to take advantage of a work benefit - a sabbatical (coffee break).  She cashed in her stock, took a loan off her 401K and pursued a dream.  She summited Mount Kilimanjaro; collected, transported and donated 1200 pairs of SmartWool socks to the non-profit KPAP for the Porters; volunteered with non-profit Bridges to Prosperity on a bridge site in Rwanda; then travel around the world. 

She decided to take her management tool on the road - around the world.  Her philosophy of management, that was proving successful, was to ask her employees (partners) “What’s one of your dreams or goals and how can this job help you?”.  The results were so positive, it begged the question if it were true all over the world, could we harness this and make a difference not only in the lives of employees but add value to everyone it touches, including the brand.  She took 6 months to pursue the answer and this project is the result.   

The concept is simple.  The process is fun and inspiring.  The result is powerful.