The DreamMaker Project©

The Concept:

•The DreamMaker Project© is a unique, simple and meaningful partner engagement program. 

•Digital storytelling offers a needed sense of connection and relatability between stores, partners and cultures.

•Positively impact retention, engagement as well as recruitment.

•Curate content


Why digital Storytelling?


•“People are hardwired for storytelling.  As social animals it’s part of our DNA-- we’re all practitioners of the art of storytelling.  When brands engage in storytelling, they are playing on society’s common ground and that can be very lucrative.”   ~Nick Moore, EVP CCO of Wunderman New York

•“Community engagement in digital storytelling involves sharing the ‘universal’ human experience.  This social phenomenon reveals the power of the individual voice to influence positive change.  (they) discover that they are not alone, as well as providing a window that allows them to see and experience other people’s circumstances and perspectives.”    ~Digital Storytelling for Communities, WMVL


The value of engagement:

•“$11billion is lost annually due to employee turnover.”  ~Bureau of National Affairs

•“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.”  ~Gallup 2012

•“A study of 64 organizations revealed that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag behind on engagement.”   ~ Kenexa Research Institute (KRI)




If engagement has a positive impact of 3%, based on prior statics, that translates to nearly $450 million based on last years annual report of consolidated revenues of $14.9 billion.

If retention and engagement are positively impacted, recruitment would be a gift with purchase.




I will be the Producer of The DreamMaker Project©.

•Include our coffee farmers.

•These stories will link to, but not limited to the benefits offered by the company.

•My goal is to showcase The DreamMaker Project© at The Leadership Conferences as well as using as a tool for Store Managers to highlight benefits offered.  

Building an advocacy program:


•PDP amendment tool.  The Personal Development Plan

•A synergy that breeds inspiration, pride, community and ultimately success.

•The audience is perpetuating itself. 

•A dream within a dream.