The Universe is Talking...

I’m drinking a glass of Rose from the South of France, eating popcorn with truffle salt and listening to Ben Howard.  I’ve been a wee bit stress lately, and this is my night to redirect myself.  I’ve written but haven’t posted anything for a while as I sift some thru some things for myself and about myself.

Truth is I’m pretty hard on me.  I have expectations and when I don’t achieve them in the manner I’ve planned, I become discouraged or rough on myself.   I wanted Starbucks to be SO excited and enamored with my project and plans that they would want to support me financially prior to my departure.  I mean, hell anyone who knows me – knows my work ethic and determination to perform, why the hold up – right?

Instead, what happened is solid, sincere interest and immense gratitude for my service and what I plan to do.  What I’ve learned is that communicating with a corporation, especially a global one – takes time, a long time.  It’s like one of those tankers out in the ocean turning… slow progress.  The universe doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle – it challenges you and you find your path. 

Instead, what happened is something magical.  It fell back onto me.  Literally, fell back into my lap… this is my journey – not Starbucks.  This is my experience and my project not the company I’ve been working for.  It’s the slightest twist to the left but what happened is something truly magnificent.  See, while I was busy collecting support – which is a critical piece of this story/project – I lost touch with the essence of what this is for me.  This is about me being selfish – about me taking care of the evolution of me.   It’s that simple.  The rest is a story yet to be written – I need not plan it, just experience it then tell it.

I believe in this as much as I believe in my friends, family, community and the love of my dog Chuy.  I know this is the wisest thing I have ever done financially, professionally and personally.  I have never bought a lottery ticket – but this is my version of picking the winning numbers. 

Nothing about this is a risk.  Nothing.   

I have already changed so much and I haven’t even left Colorado

So, here’s what I can tell you about my plans.  My friends at SmartWool have given me over 800 pairs of socks to donate to the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program.  The family I am climbing Kili with are going to help me bring the socks over in our luggage.  I am currently talking to Thomson Safaris about helping me with the cost to get the donation of socks to Africa.  Mike’s Camera is going to donate/loan the camera equipment for me to document this entire experience and sent me to a video workshop on their behalf.  My friend who runs the non-profit Bridges to Prosperity has put me in touch and made arrangements for me to spend two weeks with them in Rwanda helping & filming, where there is generally a 3 month commitment (my hope is to make a connection here with Starbucks and others with this worthy, wonderful organization).  I have three contacts in Starbucks that are helping me; Public Affairs, The Elite Athlete Program and Blair Taylor.  All of these people are interested and supportive on different levels.  

Let me explain.  Public Affairs want to follow me on their social media and highlight my sabbatical.  The Elite Athlete Program wants to connect health & wellness to what I’m doing and leverage it throughout the company.  Blair Taylor likes my Digital Storytelling idea of Starbucks being a “Dream Maker” but wants to see what I put together when I return, before moving in any direction. 

So, I’m back at the beginning.  I’m back where I need to be – back in touch with my journey and my story.  I’ve cashed in my life savings and purchased a ticket to climb the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet and travel around the world.   

Last year I went to the Ted event here in Denver, the topic was “Risk and Reward”.   

The other thing I believe – the universe always tells you the truth, you have to decide to listen.