The Beginning

Some things are just “on your list.”

You haven’t written them down, and you may not have told anyone … they’re just in your soul.  You simply know you need to do it.  Perhaps it’s going back to school, writing a book, learning Italian or moving to another country.  For me one of these things is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I’m not sure why, it just ‘is’.  

So, when some friends who were running across Colorado in a relay event I was a part of, invited me in passing, I jumped on it.  I’ve traveled alone a lot recently over the past decade, and while there is tremendous pleasure in doing something alone, I knew this was something I would like to share with people I know.  My friends Tracy and Katy are doing it with their mom in August of 2013 and I intend to join them.  

This blog is to keep my inspiration intact.  To create momentum and excitement for me and my community, you!  This is a story of ‘doing’ of ‘living’ and choosing to engage with life.  I am going to attempt to gain some type of aid or sponsorship for this trip.  I intend to tell you all my struggles and successes in hopes that, something I do can help you, inspire you to take the bull by the horns and have a serious make out session with the dangerous, sexy beast.  There is nothing in this world we can’t do if we put our mind to it.  Trouble is, sometimes we don’t know what we want to do.  We have First World problems, don’t we?  

I want to tell a story.  Truth is, at least 2 stories will be told – the one I intend to tell and the one I have no idea of.  That makes my entire being quiver!  There will be 4 of us if everything pans out.    My hope is that you will check in and read, watch short clips, view photos, laugh, cry, cheer and revel in what is about to happen for the 4 of us.  

This is my quest for Kilimanjaro and I invite you to join.