I’m a Sagittarius. 

Some of the traits: dreamer, friendly, warm, enthusiastic about life, optimistic with the drive to experience life to the full – incorporating adventure (mental and physical).  Sagittarius people are idealistic and have high expectations. They quickly outgrow childhood haunts and have a thirst for travel. Freedom of movement is important to them and they always manage to raise their sights a little higher each time. As a result they usually travel far and wide.

The Sagittarius’ word is her bond. Those born under this sign will never offer what they cannot deliver. A high code of ethics is never far from their surface. They are benevolent and quick to offer support to those less able to fight for themselves.  They have high standards but are playful and even light hearted in pursuit of these.

Yep, that’s me.  What the horoscope won’t tell you about a Sag, is when we toss our arrows; we can drive ourselves crazy following them.  We tend to be focused to a fault.  Age is teaching me a lovely lesson about letting go and it is bringing me much joy. 

So, when do you let go and when do you follow your arrow?  Simple, you follow your arrow when it is focused on your own personal growth, never at the expense of someone else.  When the arrow is attached to grace, to kindness and to peace, you follow it.   You let go when the arrow is attached to someone else’s battle or struggle.  The kindest thing you can do is to walk away and wish them well.  Maybe family, maybe friends or maybe someone you care for deeply but it’s simply ‘not yours’.  That phrase has helped me tremendously these past few years: “ it’s not mine.” 

Doesn’t mean that I don’t care. 

 I’ve been dancing around what I plan to do with my “Quest” to climb Kili.  I’m neither a photographer nor a videographer.   What I am, is an observer.  I’m a storyteller.  For nearly ten years I wrote music and told stories.  It was the most humiliating and scary thing I’ve ever done.  I have been watching people for my entire life and I can quickly click into the emotion, the fumes of people’s lives.  It feeds me.  It is something that offers me satiation beyond words. 

My plan is to film this trek.  I have an eye for composition and structure and I’ll lean on that.  I have some ideas of stories that hold interest for me but more importantly I want to stay open to the fact I have no idea what will happen.  I want to make a documentary about this.  This isn’t a professional project, this is a personal one.  It may be a project that’s only audience is my family and friends.  I can get lost in editing and creating a story to watch.  I started doing it with my friend Stella as well as some relay runs I’ve been apart of over the years. 

But this… this is a whole other ball game.  This is me learning Final Cut Pro.  This is me learning to use an elite HD camera and all that comes with that.  This is me being my own Project Manager for a 9 day Trek to the highest freestanding mountain on the planet.  I have to navigate power, memory cards, notes, my own health and wellness – all while being present enough to enjoy and take heed of something that will change me forever. 

 So, yes, I’m a Sagittarius. To a fault.