Legs & Balls

Climb Kilimanjaro.  

That is how this all started.  

Nothing more.  

Then it grew a pair of legs (and balls) and has turned into so much more.

This week, SmartWool said yes and I had a phone interview with the Public Affairs department of Starbucks.  I will start collecting product from SmartWool to donate to the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project http://www.kiliporters.org/.  How I get these items to Tanzania will be my next hurdle.   The idea of donating items on someone else’s behalf that will improve many lives is wonderful & amazing. 

Starbucks wants to know my story.  My story of the past 10 years and what my plans are.   At the very least they would like to follow me on their Social Media avenues.  I will find out quickly - if & what type of support they can offer me via sponsorship of this project. 

Something else has been happening as well.   Asking for what I want in this world.  Not only asking, believing in it and that I am worthy of it.   Talking with my friend Nancy is what made me aware of it.  I’m not sure that I was doing this with a sense of awareness, I was simply doing.  It came from a very organic place of compassion and vulnerability, but also from logic – if I chose not to ‘ask’ then the answer was/is always no.  I stumbled upon this Ted talk last night and it highlights this idea.


Worse case scenario is that I take 6 months off of work, travel to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro, donate my time and some resources I have arranged.  Come back home and play with all this lovely content and create some digital stories to share, then return to my job with Starbucks.  Not a bad scenario.  Not bad at all.    

Best case scenario,  … has yet to be determined.