Instagram & Snapshots

I’m an “Instagramer.”

I love this application.  I must say that since using this tool I rarely post anything on Facebook, and when I do, it’s usually via this app.  It’s like receiving postcards from your friends everyday, in their everyday lives. They aren’t necessarily on vacation, they could be going to the market to pick up eggs, or driving to work – but something makes them capture a snapshot and share it.  Sometimes there is no caption, there doesn’t need to be.  It’s just remarkable how these imagines can affect me.

I remember being small and loving slide shows my family would have.  We would gather in the fancy living room, the big white screen would zip up, the carousel would dance around and slides drop into their time on the bright stage of the projector.  Popcorn would be made and we would relive our daily lives laughing so hard we would cry.  Retelling stories over and over again, continuing to laugh and cry without ever growing tired of them.  

Images can bring such strong emotions to the surface.  Sure, sometimes you see things you don’t want to see.  I remember when September 11th happened and the imagines of people jumping out of the twin towers were scattered everywhere.  I recall seeing those images and thinking I was watching such a private moment, when someone’s life ended.  I felt so intrusive.  It still troubles me to this day and I cry thinking about it.  We’ve all seen Dorothea Lang’s photos and are familiar with what those imagines provoked in all of us.  Photographs say so very much without saying anything at all.  They trigger memories, a gamut of emotions (often too many at once), and for me inspiration.  

When my friend Avery posted a photo on Instagram, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, I was elated.  I had just been talking about doing this with my friends and ‘bam’ here was a friend that had literally just done it.  {This is where my previous blog regarding ‘timing’ makes a guest appearance}.  I asked her to show me her photos and well, that was it … I was smitten.  I knew I had to go.  Seeing photos that someone you know takes, makes everything that much closer and tangible (for better or for worse).  

By the way, there is a movement of people that are traveling adventurists, and that post their photos on Instagram.  If you haven’t taken the dive into this fun app, you should.  The world is a beautiful place to share with one another through snapshots.