Bridge Building

When I lived in Vail they were rebuilding the section of I-70 that runs through Glenwood Canyon. It was a big project and one of the main objectives was not to harm too much of the beautiful canyon as they worked. A large machine from France was used. It attached to the end section of the highway and literally built the road in front of itself. That is how I feel about my life most times.

The DreamMaker Project has gained some positive attention with Starbucks. I’m currently talking with the person who runs their Leadership Conferences about my project, and ideas. I’ve work so hard on this and it is nothing more than a labor of love. Seriously… love… my overall goal would be to turn The DreamMaker Project into an Advocacy Program for the partners of Starbucks (the employees). What I want to do is invoke conversation and awareness around partner’s goals and ‘why’ they are working at Starbucks. If this project could actually help people become aware of their goals and achieve them, it would breed personal success as well as business success. The synergy between ‘why’ you show up for work every day would change and additional value, that isn’t always measured in a paycheck, would result. I mean, when was the last time your boss asked you “what’s one of your dreams?” Let alone, how they might be able to help you achieve that? We all know that “you” are ultimately responsible for ‘doing’ it. However, offering a space for you to become aware of that “dream” - is a step in the process, one that is needed in the world these days.

Meanwhile, The DreamMaker Project would connect partners to one another through a medium of communication that is much more effective and meaningful with this generation, … digital storytelling. Through the method of video vignettes we will showcase inspiration, benefits allotted to partners, and build relatedness that matters and moves people. The project contains so much potential to grow and become so much more. Eventually, I would love to see it used to showcase the dreams of the farmers, their families and their communities. This relatedness would bring a cohesion that is missing right now and build an understanding and respect between the farmers and the partners. Somehow, I’d like to connect Bridges To Prosperity with Starbucks. Many of the farmers around the world, live in villages B2P has had the opportunity to work within. It is honorable to build schools, hospitals and water wells in these countries, but if people can’t access them due to poor infrastructure, then those things become meaningless. These footbridges B2P build, personally effective the lives of these farmers. It means being able to get a better price for their crop because they can get to the market during those times in areas they haven’t been able to access.

I want to change the way people think about work. 
I want to invite people to challenge themselves to be better. 
I want to challenge Starbucks to engage with it’s partners more genuinely, by asking “what’s one of your dreams and how is working for Starbucks helping you get closer to achieving that?” 
To engage with their lives in a way that brings pride and significant value to themselves and those around them. Starbucks has always had a wonderful value of community and giving back, which is admirable. However, some of the ‘people’ in need of community and help, work right in our stores everyday. We could change the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility on so many levels. We could genuinely breed people who know the value of personal success. Ultimately ~ isn’t that a form of Leadership?

It’s a simple idea. 
It’s just changing our awareness and perspective. 
We could literally change the world.

Now, all I have to do is arrange all of this, into a package that Starbucks wants to pull into isn’t brand. I have 11 years of working side by side with some of the most wonderful people I have ever encountered. They aren’t necessarily my friends yet I spend 40 hours a week with them and have learned so much from all of them … crazy, huh? I have learned so much about human behavior, especially my own. I know something is going to come of all of this, it already has. I’m clearing my head to make space for organizing what this project really looks like all mapped out. It’s a huge, yet a simple idea. It will be challenging to keep it simple, clean and to the point. I keep telling myself “less is more”.

So wish me luck. 
I’m shooting for the stars.