I’m currently sitting in a swanky apartment on the 12th floor of a 40 story building in Bangkok, Thailand. 

My emersion into the Bangkok Airport was nothing short of fantastical. Beautiful, shiny, contemporary, clean with amazing technology everywhere. It was as if I had arrive on another planet. 

I sometimes joke that I’m a little “slow” to catch on to things, but I honestly think that can be a positive attribute of mine. I can be simple and innocent but it’s usually because I’m in the moment and immersing myself in experience. This has sometimes resulted in heartache and heartbreak but at this point, I accept this is who I am & my “clock” is wired this way. I like this about myself. 
This quality has allowed me to really “steep” in what the past month was for me and genuinely take each day as it arrives. Walking thru that airport was magical, like a kid in an amusement park. It was a feast on every sensory level. It was also … just glorious. The clean bathrooms, the ginormous flatscreen televisions all in unison, the beautiful tiny people (smaller than me) offering me direction, and sweet smiles … and the food! 

THE Food. I’m in Chinatown - Bangkok. Home to the best street food on the planet, and I intend to eat my way thru it. Last night I walked around - more like staggered, being so tired from traveling. Today, I will devour. The cost of things here is amazing. 35 THB for a lovely noodle bowl that will blow your mind. Our swanky apartment that we rented from AirB&B is costing $40 a night. I took a swim last night in the infinity pool on the 30th floor overlooking the city and did laundry in the washer/dryer in the kitchen. The entire apartment looks like the opening scene of “Fight Club” or an Ikea catalogue. I feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie. 

This, on the heels of Africa can mess with you. My emotions are like a pinball right now. I’m happy, blissful and elated ~ then I think of the poverty that I just erupted from and I feel stoic or ashamed. I know this complexity is part of what I am meant to experience - but it’s challenging. I feel childlike in trying to understand it. How can some have so much and some nothing at all? How is it that I have the life I have? Sure, these are questions I asked myself in 5th grade Social Studies class but they are different now - they cut to the core. I’m not THAT naive to poverty or wealth. I grew up in a lower income family, with four generations under one roof. My dad was/is a farmer and my mom was going to school to become a teacher. Our home was beautiful but we didn’t have an abundance of money. We were like everyone else. We lived within our means and on a strict budget. Africa was different, very different. 

Now, I’m living in another dimension. Terri is held up in San Francisco and will arrive later than planned. I’m sad because I am wanting to see her and be around “my person.” But after what I just experienced, I’m just grateful she is coming. : ) 
I’m sad she has to be on “that” end of things. She’ll be here tomorrow night and we’ll be back on track for our vacation. I’ll go grab a tuktuk and begin exploring Bangkok then go greet her at the airport and load our fridge with a beer and some yummy Thai food for her arrival. Then hit the “resume” button. 

I will write again soon with pics and stories from a full belly.