72 Hours

In the past 72 hours I have witnessed radical poverty, extreme tradition and immense wealth. I’m not quite sure how to feel. My emotions bounce around like a pinball between weeping, laughing, awestruck, fantastical but always arrive at gratitude.  
I’m currently sitting in a magical setting drinking coffee, watching the sunrise some where in the middle of Africa. Yesterday we went for a walk with Thomas our guide who has been working here for 20 years. He sees his family for a month out of the year. He has 4 children - 11, 9, 4 and one years old. He spoke openly about his life and how he puts on “another Wardrobe” for work because he is Maasai. He pointed out elephant tracks, zebra and various other tracks. None of us thought we would be fortunate enough to see anything but we were wrong. We watched two elephants, herds of antelope, waterbuck, zebras… And my favorite the giraffe! My body continues to vibrate from what I saw. Watching these animals in their own back yard is beyond amazing. 

I’m running out of time and must collect my bags. Now… I’m off. Next time I check in, I will be down the mountain. 
Send me luck! I’m nervous, scared and excited.