Jimena is a Store Manager in Tulum, MX who would like to become a professional translator. Listen as she talks about her how her first job at Starbucks has help her become the person she is today. Wanting to accomplish something in your life only feels good when you become the person you are proud of, otherwise one simply chases a dragon of 'wishes' and 'could have'. Character is the foundation of all you become in your life. Coffee Cheers to Jimena.

Jason made a special trip to visit Mairia after other store mangers and partners, in MX told him how wonderful she is.  When he arrived he found out she wasn't working, so he found a place to stay - spent the night and returned first thing in the morning. Mairia's passion for people and the company are part of her dream. The magical piece of walking into a place that makes you feel at home, thousands of miles away is only part of this project. It's all about people, it's that simple ... and that important.

Jason's been on the road now for 17 days.  Within days he was sending me content of all the Starbucks partners he was able to interview for us.  I have so much great content.  I'll be putting it together and uploading as quickly as possible.  This is Claudia, a Store Manager in Mexico City.  "You can change maybe only a day, or you can change a life!"

With a one way ticket in hand, Jason Murray arrives in Mexico City on December 3rd, 2015.  Follow his journey here step by step as he makes his way down to Patagonia.  Art, culture, food, music, mountains, beaches, coffee farms and so much more.  The trip of a lifetime and long awaited dream of a Starbucks partner using his benefits to make his dream a reality.